Toyota Lease Return Center

Easy Lease Return Center 
The current conditions in Japan resulting from the earthquake earlier this year have created a shortage of parts and components that has slowed down new vehicle production, and due to this shortage of parts to build new Toyota's, the value of your pre-owned Toyota has never been better!  That is why currently we can take you out of your current Toyota lease early and get you in a new Toyota lease with little down and low payments.

View our Toyota Lease Return Options below:

Lease Return Choice 1:  My Lease is over and I would like to turn in my leased Toyota.

If you simply want to turn in your leased vehicle and not be hassled or pressured to purchase a new car right there on the spot, then be sure to visit our Lease Return Center serving Milpitas, San Jose, Fremont and the entire San Francisco Bay Area.  Here are the steps to take:

1. Drop off your vehicle at our Toyota Scion New Car Sales Department and ask for our Lease Return Team.  Appointments are available, just call us at (408) 240-1400.

Lease Return Choice 2:  I would like to get information on purchasing my leased Toyota or trading it before termination.

Great choice!  Because Toyota vehicles are built to such a high standard, many of our friends choose to buy their leased vehicle after their lease term ends OR trade it in and use any equity towards the purchase or lease of another Toyota Vehicle.

Our Toyota Lease Return Team can assist you with this and explore any other options that you might be interested in. Call us today with any questions: (408) 240-1400.

Lease Return Choice 3:  My Lease is over and I would like to turn in my leased Toyota and purchase or lease a new Toyota.

Let's get back that new car smell, and enjoy the latest safety technology and creature comforts that make the newest Toyota vehicles so special.  Click here to view our Current Specials.  To work with our No-Pressure Lease Return Team just stop by or contact us at (408) 240-1400.